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Circupac packaging carousel


Fully automatic high-speed packaging carousel for up to 1200 bags per hour for prefabricated open-mouth bags


CIRCUPAC is a fully automatic high-speed packaging carousel for open-mouth bags to pack flour and powdered products. It is particularly distinguished by high speed as well as high reliability and has a modern design.

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PRINCIPAC TWIN – doubly effective and unique in design

Fully automatic high-speed packaging machine with up to 2400 bags per hour


STATEC BINDER's open-mouth bagging system is the space saver among high-speed packaging machines. With two bag placers and filling spouts, it makes a good image, too, even if there is not much space. So it is more compact than two single machines and convinces through design and compact construction. Moreover, a proven control system ensures maximum safety and reliability.

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STATEC BINDER’s new innovative bag closing machine

Bag Closing-System SBSM-OS with woven PP over tape with up to 1500 bags per hour



A newly developed and patented bag closing system from STATEC BINDER seals woven PP (polypropylene) bags hermetically. For this, a woven PP tape is used for a reliable and secure bag closure. If required, bags can also be additionally stitched.

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