Fully automatic high-speed bagging machine for up to 1500 bags per hour for prefabricated open-mouth bags


Certopac is a fully automatic high-speed bagging machine for 5-80kg open-mouth pillow and/or gusseted bags for woven PP, paper and PE bags.

Certopac is distinguished by its outstanding speed and reliability as well as its high flexibility to work with all kind of bag types and materials. Due to its technical maturity and several patented modules, the certopac bagging system has become one of the most reliable packaging machines in the world.

The certopac bagging machine has been therefore installed in many different industries for packaging products like plastic pellets, fertiliser, animal feed, pet food, corn, seed, beans, lentils, sugar, salt, rice and so on.


Fully automatic packaging machine

Pillow bags and/or gusseted bags

Contact parts in stainless steel

Reliable and proven concept

Sturdy and compact design

5 - 80 kg filling weight

High flexibility

CE certified

  • Certopac bagging machine
  • Certopac bagging machine
  • Certopac bagging machine
  • Certopac bagging machine


The Products

Plastic Pellets


Animal feed

Pet food

Corn & Seed

Beans & Lentils

Sugar & Salt

Rice and

all kind of free & semi-free flowing products


The Bags

Open-mouth bag

Pillow bag

Gusset bag




Block bottom

Pinch bottom

Carrying handle


The Solution

Certopac with

fully automatic

-bag magazine

-bag separation

-bag opening

-bag placing

-bag filling

-bag closing

-bag transport