Gerhard Steinmayr
Executive Manager

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Principal-R robot palletizer


Fully automatic high-performance robot palletizer for up to 1400 units per hour for bags and boxes.


STATEC BINDER, as one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed high-level palletizers for bags and boxes, is also one of the top names for multi-articulated robot palletizing systems. This is where tailor-made customer solutions with renowned industrial robot manufacturers and STATEC BINDER's palletizing plant know-how is offered.

As standard, articulated robots with 4 axes and 4 degrees of freedom and a rotation of up to 360º in the R axis are used. Because of its quick and accurate repetitive movement, this robot type is particularly apt for palletizing and de-palletizing applications. The operation and selection of the pallet pattern is made easy by using a touchscreen.

There are different robot models to choose from depending on the desired performance. As such, in line with the project in question the gripper is also adjusted to the respective application. Depending on the bag type, finger grippers, bag grippers, vacuum grippers or customised grippers are used.


Reliable and proven concept

Sturdy and compact design

Minimal space requirement

High energy efficiency

High flexibility

CE certified

  • Principal-R robot palletizer machine
  • Principal-R robot palletizer machine
  • Principal-R robot palletizer machine
  • Principal-R robot palletizer machine


The Industry

Building material




Animal food


Sugar & Salt

Rice & Flour

all kind of bulk material


Bags & Boxes

Pillow bag

Gusset bag

Polypropylene bag

Polyethylene bag

Paper bag

Plastic Box

Cardboard box


The Solution

Principal-R with

fully automatic

-bag infeed

-bag pressing

-bag gripper

-layer forming

-layer stacking

-pallet outfeed