Bagging and palletizing system references

Certopac bagging machine

STATEC BINDER looks back on a long tradition in developing, designing and producing complete bagging and palletizing systems. Types of bagging and palletizing machines include high-level palletizers and robot palletizers for bags and boxes as well as all varieties of bagging systems for pre-fabricated open mouth pillow and gusseted bags made of woven PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) or paper. Furthermore, big bag filling stations, manual bagging lines and semi-automatic bag filling lines are provided. High-speed FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagging and VFFS (Vertical Form-Fill-Seal) bagging machines are part of STATEC BINDER’s bagging machinery as well.

Principal-R robot palletizer machine

With 40 years of experience, STATEC BINDER has already supplied and installed more than 1300 bagging systems to the fullest satisfaction of customers. Due to proven and constantly developed bagging and palletizing technologies, STATEC BINDER has managed to position itself at the forefront on all continents in more than 70 countries. From North America to the countries of South America such as Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia to the South of Europe in Portugal, Spain and Italy as well as Russia in the east up to Sweden in the north. From South Africa to Kenya and Egypt to Asia such as South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. From the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia up to Australia and New Zealand. STATEC BINDER’s high-performance bagging and palletizing machines are in use all over the world.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging machine

STATEC BINDER's customer base ranges from small businesses to large corporations. Represented on all five continents, STATEC BINDER supplies a wide range of industries. Whether petrochemical (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PET, PVC) or chemical industry, animal feed or pet food production, agricultural business (beans, lentils, corn, grains), foodstuffs (potatoes, malt, coffee creamer), sugar industry, salt industry, fertilizer industry (NPK, PK, DAP, UREA, ANP, AN, CN), seed industry, flour milling industry or rice industry as well as aggregates, building and construction materials such as clay pellets, sand, gravel, glass beads and fuel products such as coal or wood pellets. The high standard fulfills its promise. For all industries, made-to-measure solutions – tailored to the corresponding general conditions – are always created and focused on customers.