Fully automatic bagging machine for up to 600 bags per hour for prefabricated open-mouth bags


ACROPAC is a fully automatic packaging machine for open-mouth bags to pack free-flowing bulk goods. It is particularly distinguished by high reliability and energy efficiency and has an attractive design.


Fully automatic packaging machine

Pillow bags and/or gusseted bags

Contact parts in stainless steel

Reliable and proven concept

Sturdy and compact design

10-50 kg filling weight

High flexibility

CE certified

  • Acropac bagging machine
  • Acropac bagging machine
  • Acropac bagging machine
  • Acropac bagging machine


The Products

Plastic Pellets


Animal feed

Pet food

Corn & Seed

Beans & Lentils

Sugar & Salt

Rice and

all kind of free & semi-free flowing products


The Bags

Open-mouth bag

Pillow bag

Gusset bag




Block bottom

Pinch bottom

Carrying handle


The Solution

Acropac with

fully automatic

-bag magazine

-bag separation

-bag opening

-bag placing

-bag filling

-bag closing

-bag transport