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Customer Care of SB customers

Customer Care

We are always there for you! After all, being close to our customers is particularly important to us to ensure that their wishes and requirements are accurately catered for. Our committed and skilled service employees have years of experience with bagging and palletizing machines. Our experts are there for you anytime and anywhere by phone, fax or e-mail, and are happy to assist you with regard to queries about our machines and systems. You can contact us at anytime at:

Tel.: +43 3112 38580-0; Fax: +43 3112 38580-4; Mail:


Spare Parts & Delivery for SB customers

Spare Parts & Delivery

The appropriate spare parts, about which our specially trained staff are best informed, are either manufactured by us or are procured from renowned and internationally active series manufacturers. In doing so, we pay particular attention to quality and the long-term availability of the products. According to the motto "Service is our Success" we offer an excellent price-performance ratio. We are happy to take care of logistics for you and thereby guarantee a speedy and reliable delivery.


Service & Inspection for SB customers

Service & Inspection

We consider it our task to ensure the ongoing maintenance and inspection of our machines to the customer's full satisfaction. To achieve this, we deploy highly qualified and experienced service engineers all over the world, day after day. You are therefore provided with long-term reliability and the operational readiness of your bagging and palletizing systems. On site directly and constantly, they have comprehensive practical know-how at their fingertips and are therefore able to meet the high quality demands of our service features.


Developments & Improvements for SB customers

Developments & Improvements

We are happy to share our experience with you. As such, constant information on the latest product innovations and further developments in the machines and systems is a matter of great importance to us. We keep our customers in the loop. Apart from mechanical and electrical improvements, it is also possible to routinely update the software. We constantly continue to develop our machines, after all, our success is your success.


Customer Training for SB customers

Customer Training

We are happy to help you get to grips with your machines and control system even better. With the help of our experts, we offer one-to-one and customer-specific training. You can participate on our premises or on site. The tailor-made training programme is directed at both existing and new employees who wish to acquire sound knowledge of the plant and its operation. The result is the high availability, operational safety and productivity of the plant.


Online Services for SB customers

Online Service

For optimum plant availability, new machines are equipped as standard with a remote maintenance option. This can be retrofitted in existing machines. This enables our engineers to immediately carry out an analysis and status inquiry of your machine. This ensures that a quick remote diagnosis is carried out and troubleshooting measures adopted. You are therefore the recipient of real-time support and a solution at the same time. The online connection can, of course, be activated and deactivated at any time.


Service Agreements for SB customers

Service Agreements

Our customers' satisfaction is at the top of our list. Individual, as well as tailor-made service agreements, are drawn up in conjunction with our After-Sales experts. This is possible both for new systems and existing systems. The advantage of this is continuous service and planning capacity. What make this even more special is that customers with a service agreement enjoy the fruits of additional services and advantages.