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Issue #27, September 2017


STATEC BINDER at interpack 2017
April, 2017

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Tape over sealing: Innovative Bag Closing System 

Neue Verpackung, July 2017

Bag Closing System-STATEC BINDER

The German magazine reports about the corporation between STATEC BINDER and Starlinger & Co, a leading supplier of machinery for producing woven plastic packaging, plastic recycling and refinement.

The newly developed and patented bag closing system from STATEC BINDER seals woven PP (polypropylene) bags hermetically.

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Expert discussion

Kleine Zeitung, June 2017

Expert discussion-Kleine Zeitung_STATEC BINDER

International Sales: What employees think,
what entrepreneurs move and what changes
in the job market.

Managing director Josef Lorger ist guest of an expert discussion with the Kleinung Zeitung.

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Issue #26, June 2017

1st international agency conference_STATEC BINDER

1st international STATEC BINDER agency conference
April 4 to 7, 2017

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120 Big Bags per hour

DRY CARGO international magazine, May 2017

Dry Cargo international magazine_STATEC BINDER

"High-Speed Bagging taken to a new level -
STATEC BINDER sets international standards"

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1st international STATEC BINDER agency conference

April 2017

Agency conference_STATEC BINDER

With incoming orders of about 40.60 million euros in 2016, the Styrian machine manufacturer earned 134% more than in the previous year and started the 2017 business year with a record order situation.

From April 4 to 7, 2017, the company with headquarters in Gleisdorf invited business partners to the international representative conference and presented its extensive product range to around 40 people.

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Strategic partnership between Columia/Okura and STATEC BINDER

January 2017

Partnership Columbia Okura-STATEC BINDER

"Columbia/Okura LLC, provider of robotic palletizing solutions, is excited to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Statec Binder, a high performance packaging and palletizing supplier, specializing in highly efficient bagging solutions."

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